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The music streaming service expands to six more countries, letting more artists and fans connect around the world.

After launching in 85 new markets and adding 36 new languages in February, Spotify introduced themselves to over a billion potential new listeners earlier this year. Last week saw Spotify continue to grow into another six countries Iraq, Libya, Tajikistan, Venezuela, Republic of the Congo, and Democratic Republic of the Congo. Free and Premium users in the above countries will be able to stream over 70 million tracks from global and local artists. Local artists will also be able to reach a new online audience at home and abroad. Find all +180 markets Spotify is now available in here.

Venezuela in particular has a unique sound that’s as diverse as the country’s landscape. Venezuelan music is a melting pot of sounds and rhythms that are derived from the many different people who immigrated into the country throughout the 20th century and paved the path for a diverse and rich musical identity.

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Venezuela has exported many regonizable names to listeners around the world, such as Ricardo Montaner, Chino & Nacho and Danny Ocean, as well as RADAR artists Tayko and Irepelusa. These artists and many more can now grow even further with the help of their home fan base. Get started exploring the music of the country with these playlists:

  • Made In Venezuela – Contemporary and catalog content from Venezuelan artists for the world
  • Flow Venezuela – Urban releases from frontline Venezuelan artists
  • Llano Adentro – Music from the Venezuelan and Colombian plains

Iraq, too, has a unique sound to share with the world. Iraqi music, also known as the Music of Mesopotamia, has historic roots in ancient traditions. However, it has also continued to evolve through the eras—from the creation of the oldest guitar in the world and the invention of the lute, to the addition of a fifth string to the rhythms and the various Iraqi maqams. Iraqi music includes contemporary music styles such as pop, rock, soul, and urban contemporary, and has proven to be an important part of the country’s culture.

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Iraq too has introduced the world to global artists like Kadim Al Sahir, Majid Al Mohandis, Saif Nabeel, Aseel Hameem, Saif Amer, Rahma Riad and Mahmoud Al Turky. Stream some of the biggest playlists in the country, for example أفضل الأغاني العراقية with the hits of Iraq, عراقي جديد with new songs, and Iraqi Romance songs.

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