Image credit: Fixelgraphy

A recent post on Reddit suggests that Spotify HiFi release may be imminent.

The past week has seen lots of news surrounding the addition of lossless music to streaming services such as Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. The most controversial part is that it will be available on these services for free. However, other streaming services such as Tidal are still charging extra for their HiFi streaming tier. 

It was also recently announced that Spotify planned to release a HiFi streaming tier but they had yet to announce if this was a free upgrade or a new subscription tier. 

This may now be answered however as users have noticed it popping up on their devices, which means the launch is likely days away. 

A recent Reddit post has even given us some screenshots (below) of the Spotify HiFi tier in action, however, these have not been verified. Although the legitimacy does seem real based on the font and quality. 

Screenshot from Reddit via Techradar

As we recently wrote, it seems that HiFi streaming is likely to be an industry standard as the technology has advanced. Similar to when YouTube added 1080p and 4k videos as the cameras advanced. Apple and Amazon making their HiFi quality free will also like force the hands of those that do and were considering to charge. As a consumer this is only good news, not to mention as a music fan or even musician.