Spotify have updated their app to make it even easier to find podcasts that you love and discover new ones recommended for you.

Spotify’s new Podcast Show page makes it simple to know what a podcast is all about. Each page will have a trailer so you can quickly see and hear the essence of that podcast and category tags at the top help you simply use keywords to understand a podcast’s themes and topics.

Spotify now have over 700,000 podcasts and that number is quickly growing all the time. They have made a bunch of major acquisitions in the podcasting game since launching them on their own platform, the most recent of which saw them take ownership over the very popular podcasts from The Ringer.

A refreshed Podcast Show page design

Spotify’s Podcast Show page may look a little different, but it’s still got all the features you know and love. The new look moves the descriptions up, so you no longer have to swipe on a show to read about it. This allows for more information about each podcast—and episode—at a single glance.

Featured show trailers

If you’re not one to commit too easily, this next feature is perfect for you. Now, if a show has a trailer “episode” to stream, it will be prominently highlighted at the top of the episode list, giving you a chance to listen to a snippet of the show before diving in headfirst. Get to know the podcast before fully committing—and maybe even fall in love with one you weren’t expecting.

All new show categories

Looking for a specific genre or type of show? Now, descriptive show categories will be displayed underneath the show description—everything from “personal stories” to “true crime,” “travel,” “relationships,” and more. Simply tap the one you’re most interested in to see more shows in this category.