Image Credit: Spotify

New Home Feeds on Spotify’s latest Android update keep music and podcasts separate and improve the discovery features of the app.

Spotify is splitting music and podcasts into two separate feeds on the app. Whilst the current Home page remains, the new scrollable feeds will be focused on recommendations for the user, as the audio company aims to make the Spotify app even more personalised for each user.

The changes are coming to Spotify on Android first, with iOS users’ apps updating too in the near future. There’ll be two new feeds, accessed from buttons at the top of the home screen, separated into Podcasts & Shows and Music.

The feeds will have playlist and album suggestions and podcasts Spotify thinks you’ll like, based on your listening history and interactions on the app. Discovery on Spotify is one of the biggest draws of a Premium subscription to the streaming platform. Provided you’re listening to a range of content, its recommendations are spot on.

On the Podcasts & Shows feed you can see descriptions, save episodes of podcasts to listen to later by hitting the plus icon, or go ahead and press play straight away.

Over on the Music feed, suggestions of new playlists and albums will be made based on your listening taste. A button makes sharing to social media and other platforms accessible.

If you don’t like to listen to podcasts on Spotify, that feed will be empty, and you can scroll the Music feed without being interrupted by the episode recommendations you’d get if combined.

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