Image Credit: sgcdesignco

One of Spotify for Artists most used tools, the playlist pitching page, is getting some updates to make it smoother and better.

Spotify have introduced the first of a series of updates to their playlist pitching tool. Their first update is a small one that moves the position of the pitch locking feature that allows you to select whether the pitch is visible for the artist and the label, or just the label on group accounts.

The pitch locking feature is now handily sat up in the top right and can be used any time throughout the process. The feature still works exactly the same, simply fits into the tool in a more pleasing and useful way.

Image Credit: Spotify

Over the next two months Spotify will be introducing more updates to the tool; updating the Location, Genres, Lyric Theme, and Marketing Strategy sections.

Spotify says: “We’re excited to pave the way for more accurate and holistic pitching metadata in order to help our editors place your music on playlists that will grow your artists’ audiences.”

Once your music is live on Spotify – which we can do for you here at RouteNote – you can claim your artist profile to gain access to profile customisation, real-time analytics, and playlist pitching too!

Simply head to once your music is live on Spotify to gain access. For more advice on uploading your music and pitching to playlists head to our post here.