This morning Spotify announced that they had bought content recommendation company MightyTV, bringing in it’s founder and CEO Brian Adams as vice president of technology.

Brian Adams and MightyTV will join Spotify after their purchase by the music streaming giant. Spotify will use the company’s resources and it’s teams extensive knowledge and talent in advertising and personalising recommendations to enhance Spotify’s recommendations as well as it’s advertising and marketing platforms.

Spotify’s vice president of product, Jason Richman said: “The content recommendation system MightyTV has built is incredibly aligned with how we think about advertising technology and marketing personalisation. Brian and his team will help us to innovate on free monetisation and extend our leadership position in programmatic audio.”

Brian Adams joins Spotify after founding the MightyTV business himself. Before that Adams had a long experience in technology and consumership, working for publisher monetisation platform Admeld before joining Google in 2015 to run their ‘Doubleclick Publisher Platform’.

On joining Spotify, Adams said: “Spotify has built the leading marketplace for fans and creators. It’s an enormous opportunity for me and the team to help create native brand experiences that stay true to a product that millions love.”