Sample, loop, preset, plugin and DAW project sharing site Splice have recently acquired Superpowered, a company that helps developers build audio functionality into apps.

Subscription based service Splice has been a favourite for producers sharing samples, plugins and DAW projects, but will they go beyond this area? Splice’s recently purchase of Superpowered has people wondering what the next moves from the company will be.

Superpowered is an audio technology company, offering frameworks to companies building cross-platform, real-time, audio based applications to run on mobile, web, desktop, etc., with existing clients such as Beatport, Naver and Tencent.

We created Splice with the mission of empowering musicians to realize their creative potential. Content – samples – have been a huge part of achieving that mission to date. But technology is also key to the creative process, and we’re excited to be investing in technology that will usher in a new era of creation and collaboration tools that empower musicians to realize their creative potential.

Steve Martocci – Splice Co-Founder and CEO

Creating new, interactive audio experiences can be unnecessarily arduous and time-consuming, because most of the audio development world is still stuck in decades-old paradigms. Superpowered is changing this status quo, and we’re thrilled that Splice shares our vision. We look forward to joining forces and extending our reach to unlock even more juice in Superpowered’s technology.

Gabor Szanto – Superpowered Co-Founder and CTO

Will Splice be making audio apps for their services, or give support to third-party developers? Only time will tell.