Never has a collaborative music DAW / digital studio been more necessary and Soundation have even made it free to help music students out.

Soundation could not have launched at a more appropriate time with bands left detached at home, students and teachers split by closures, and general music collaboration very difficult with social distancing measures. Their brilliant music software is designed for creating and advancing music online.

With automatic syncing multiple people can take part in a project by viewing it, adding to it, editing it and doing all the collabing you can dream off but from your own respective computers. As long as you have the internet and a computer/laptop you can start working on projects with others.

With the recent launch of their new Collab Live feature, collaborating is even better. Co-creators can follow exactly what the other is doing in real-time. It’s great for musicians working together but also represents an incredible opportunity for teachers to guide their students live on a serious piece of music software.

Soundation’s CEO, Adam Hasslert says: “Many of our users are ambitious up-and-coming producers, who are inspired by and learn from each other every day, and this is something we’d like to encourage even more with Collab live. We want to make music collaboration easier and more accessible than ever before.”

You can currently get 3 months of Premium Soundation for free to help out schools.

How do you get Soundation Premium to your students?

  1. Sign up for a free account on their site, and get your students to do the same.
  2. Fill out this survey.
  3. We will upgrade all free accounts connected to an approved school on the first of April and then each Friday before 1 pm Central European Time.
  4. As a premium user, you will be able to create one or many group pages in our community where you can facilitate your class and teaching.
  5. On the last of June, all accounts will be downgraded to Free accounts unless otherwise is notified.

Users can choose how they use Soundation even if they’re not a teacher or student. There are free options and paid possibilities – check it out and make use of this awesome app from –