Create cosmic echo effects with Spacelifter 3 free plugin

Image Credit: Fanan Team

Bring interstellar sounds to your mix with Spacelifter 3 VST from Fanan Musical Solutions.

Fanan Musical Solutions has released Spacelifter 3, an echo-reverb VST plugin for Windows. The free plugin is an update on its original Spacelifter plugin.

The plugin has a stylish design and everything is clearly laid out. Use it on any audio source to add some creative panning and cool effects your latest mix, for free.

Spacelifter 3 offers a modular space effect combining four modules. The frequency range module is a “wet EQ” with adjustable frequency values:

Image Credit: Fanan Team

Spacelifter’s LFO module can be synched to a BPM or a manual speed, and is centred on five motion engines. It can create a constant vibration or a gated vibration, depending on the effect you’re after:

Image Credit: Fanan Team

The ping pong module is a BPM-synched panning effect with two choices: “In motion” mode with increasing or decreasing movement, and “Immediate” mode, which jumps instantly from one panning point to the other:

Image Credit: Fanan Team

Finally the side-chaining module allows ducking between a dry and wet signal. Each of its nine drawbars represents a frequency range. Push the drawbar downwards and the wet signal will be ducked at the chosen frequency range:

Image Credit: Fanan Team

Get your Spacelifter 3 free plugin here.

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