Image Credit: Sony

Motion Sonic from Sony allows the wearer to alter the sound of an instrument based on physical body movements.

An early version of Motion Sonic was first demoed at SXSW back in 2017, showing a new way to control music. Now the device has matured and is almost a real product, Sony are taking to Indiegogo to fund their wearable effects gear. Strap Motion Sonic to your wrist or hand, then simply control the sound of your musical instrument or DJ controller in sync with the motion of your body.

Sony says the Motion Sonic will pair with an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth, where the users can create and save their own motion-effects on the app. Movements of the hand/arm such as a wave, roll, up/down or left/right can be applied to effects such as pitch bend, filter, distortion, reverb, delay, pan, gain or noise. Hook up your phone to your audio interface. Android is not yet supported with Motion Sonic. Click to watch the demo from a DJ, guitar player and keyboard player.

Sony launched their crowdfunding project last week on Indiegogo. There are only two perks: the first is the early bird pricing at $218, while the second is the full price for $248. Motion Sonic aims to ship around March 2022 in the US and Japan. There are 29 early bird devices claimed of 400. The project is currently on $8691 from 39 backers. This is around 10% of their $79,066 goal, that ends in 26 days. This isn’t Sony’s first crowdfunded project, but why a multi-billion dollar company needs crowdfunding is beyond me.

Motion Sonic comes with two adjustable bands for your hand and wrist. The small device with its 6 axis sensor slips into either, much like a Fitbit. It charges via USB-C, with the battery rated at 6 hours of constant playing without the LED and 2.5 hours with the LED on.

Image Credit: Sony

I aim to create future that you can express sounds through your own body. To make it realized we designed the interactions that completely synchronize sound with your body. It allows you not to be conscious of the presence of the interface to control sound. Now, you can just let your body flow along with your emotion to express sounds.

I believe we can create new entertainment never seen before with MOTION SONIC and I’m so excited to create a new culture with you!

Heesoon Kim, Project Lead