AeroBand PocketDrum lets you play drums without the drum kit

PocketDrum are Bluetooth drumsticks that pair with your phone to remove the big, bulky, expensive and noisy aspect of playing the drums.

Sony launch Motion Sonic, a wearable effects gear, on Indiegogo for $218

Motion Sonic from Sony allows the wearer to alter the sound of an instrument based on physical body movements.

A 3-foot, superhero shaped bluetooth speaker, who wouldn’t want one?

This is a bluetooth speaker with a difference, well many differences, but will its massive statue shaped like a pixelated Iron Man put you off? The AD’OM is a crowd-funded bluetooth speaker that brings a…

iPhone 7’s get the headphone jack back with this mobile case

The iPhone 7 has gained a lot of attention for removing the headphone jack from the iPhone, and Actual Innovation want to bring it back with their phone cases. After the iPhone 7 was announced most…

Playing Chords With One Button – Is This The Future of Learning Guitar?

It seems every week there’s a new “simpler way to learn guitar”. It’s true that learning guitar can be an arduous process with a steep learning curve. But does making it constantly easier really help…