Sony has released the MDR-MV1 open-back headphones which are set to build on the legacy of the infamous MDR-7506 cans.

Sony announced the new MV1 headphones yesterday, and their design does pay homage to the 7506 headphones that have been beloved by many engineers for more than 30 years. Nevertheless, the new MDR-MV1 headphones are packed with new drivers and geared towards the evolving space that is audio production.

Sony MDR-MV1 open-back headphones

Developed by Sony’s Headphone Engineering team and its Music engineers, the MV1 headphones are made for sound engineers, music creators, and audiophile listeners as the company promises excellent sound quality, reliability, and durability.

Moreover, the open-back design of these headphones enables them to reproduce a wider sound field than their predecessors while allowing them to breathe and reduce the build-up of sound pressure in the ear cup. Sony states the MDR-MV1 studio headphones are built for “mixing and mastering immersive spatial sound, such as 360 Reality Audio, as well as stereo sound with hi-resolution audio”.

This comes after spatial audio has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, with companies such as Apple endorsing the format by creating consumer products capable of reproducing this kind of audio. As a result, the demand for spatial audio, in addition to high-quality streaming services, creates a demand for more studio gear tailored towards the production of such formats.

As the Category Head for Connected Content Acquisition at Sony, James Leach, notes, “With the rise in spatial sound and high-quality streaming music services, we are seeing a demand for headphones that can adaptably address and enrich all of these immersive needs,”

He continues, “Sony’s deep heritage in audio is on display with the introduction of the MDR-MV1, a flexible and stylish new option for home or studio use. The headphones prioritize comfort, showcase Sony’s craftsmanship and provide long-term durability while offering users the ability to accurately reproduce sounds, as the artist intended them to be heard.”

Next generation of MDR headphones

Sony’s new open-back studio headphones have extended spatial sound reproducibility and accurate sound object positioning within a 360-degree space. Additionally, the MV1 headphones offer a wide frequency range (5Hz – 80 kHz) with hi-resolution sound.

Furthermore, Sony states the drivers are “uniquely developed” and reproduce high frequencies naturally while accurately reproducing natural, rich spatial information and sounds. Meanwhile, the cans reduce internally reflected sounds while eliminating acoustic resonances thanks to their open-back design – meaning you’re in for a great listening experience.

The MDR-MV1 has robust & comfortable features designed to support audio engineers in their mixing and mastering practices. With soft, breathable earpads, these studio cans are deliberately lightweight and fitted to provide to be comfortable over long listening sessions.

Finally, the MV1 headphones have an impedance of 24 ohms, so they’ll be a great fit for all audio interfaces, smartphones, and any device with a headphone jack. This seems pretty logical as Sony has produced these headphones for both consumers & studio engineers. In any case, they come with a detachable cable with aluminium connectors and a stereo mini-jack adapter for ease of use.


The MDR-MV1 open-back headphones are available now for $470.

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