From the team behind n-Track, the DAW for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, comes Songtree an app that allows users to create a track which can then be overdubbed by other users to create completely original songs.

Anyone can overdub the tracks and they can join wherever they want due to the unique “tree” design allowing you to select a branch of the song to overdub.

The "branches" of a song on Songtree
The “branches” of a song on Songtree

Due to the open-endedness of every track and the opportunity for anyone from anywhere to add to the tracks the possibilities are endless and can result in entirely different tracks from the same base recording.

You can browse a collection of the songs created from here.

Songtree is currently available for iOS devices with plans for an Android app to come soon, or if you just can’t wait you can join the beta-testing for Android from here.