Looking to get some vintage synth patches in your modern music? Look no further than Softube’s new Model 80 synth, a perfect plugin emulation of the Sequential Prophet 5.

Softube has released a new addition to its Model series of software synthesizers, the Model 80. The Model 80 plugin is based on the Prophet 5 from Sequential Circuits, an industry-defining polyphonic synth from 1980, and Softube has designed the synth to offer the genuine sound, feel, and experience of the original synth.

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Softube Model 80

Softube has carefully modelled the circuit, interactions, and performance of the Prophet 5 and has included the original factory presets that you’ll find on many countless recordings. Furthermore, Softube has included an accurately modelled and newly versatile Voice Mod section while adding workflow enhancements like poly-portamento glide, Voice Pan Spread, velocity and aftertouch modulation, quantize filter cutoff, DAW sync, an Aging knob, and the Invert Voice Mod button.

High-end and highly sought-after, this is a synthesizer that many producers and artists have aspired to own. Softube’s expert modeling of the circuit, interactions, and performance of this five-voice legend ensures that anyone can have the authentic sound, feel, and experience of the hardware.

Two versions of the Model 80 are available, the plugin instrument itself and five modules for Modular. The five modules include VCO, VCF, LFO, ENV, and MULTIPAN, and you can combine any individual components together in a modular sequence and build your own patches. As a result, you can introduce the authentic sound of the Prophet 5 into your modular setup.


The Model 80 is compatible with Windows & macOS (iLok account required) in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats and is available for an introductory price of $99 before jumping to the regular price of $149 on June 2nd.