UJAM has announced Glam, a new synth designed to synthesize pop leads, pads, FX, and basses with ease.

As the latest addition to the developer’s Usynth series, Glam offers 100 synth modes, a slick user interface that’s easy to navigate, and more.

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UJAM introduces Usynth Glam

You can make use of two layers per note in Usynth Glam, and the synth offers a full sound with a selection of controls, each designed to be beginner friendly with a blend of form & functionality.

Where the two meet, as one example, is in Usynth Glam’s preprogrammed settings that allow you to “engage new oscillators and change multiple filter settings” in a single click. 

Secondly, each synthesizer mode offers distinct controls while each mode also gives you 20 individual sequences. In addition, Usynth Jam features a unique Finisher Effect – a multi-effect chain with 90 variations, with each preset giving you 4 distinct parameter knobs.

Meanwhile, the sequencer can act as an arpeggiator and offers 25 sequencer presets which are divided into five categories. Beneath the sequencer modules sit controls for adjusting the settings, though the built-in keyboard offers two different modes depending on whether the sequencer is on or off too.

With the sequencer switched off, the keyboard displays 5 octaves while keys C1 through to B1 change to the sequencer’s control octave when switched on. UJAM has even made it easy to see key mappings and global settings with a neat keyboard icon to click.

Equally cool is the Surprise Function which randomizes settings in big and small ways based on what you want. Nonetheless, you can turn each module on or off easily, with separate delay & reverb effects available once you have your foundations laid. Then you can save your own presets.

In fact, Usynth Glam’s built-in Delay unit is simple & flexible with simple and complex delay configurations coming pre-saved. UJAM notes, “All you have to do is select a Delay preset and adjust Mix and Feedback”.


Usynth GLAM is available for Windows and Mac in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats. The plugin is currently available for $59 until May 7th, 2023. If you own other paid-for Usynth VSTs then you can crossgrade to GLAM for $39 during the promotion.