Meet our latest in-house playlist! Rap Worldwide is a hip-hop playlist bringing the best new rap to your favourite streaming platform.

At RouteNote we’ve just added a hip-hop playlist to our collection of curated in-house mixes. Rap Worldwide brings you the freshest rap tracks and new hip hop song releases from artists based in every corner of the globe.

New playlist Rap Worldwide joins our existing popular in-house playlists Indie Pop Gems, CatalystLo-FiTranquilize, Hooked, and Overdrive. Each playlist is curated by our team who every week carefully choose a range of exciting tracks to add to the mixes.

Whatever genre you fancy listening to we’ve got a mix for you, from EDM to punk to super-chill lo-fi. Available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Qobuz, Deezer, TIDAL, Anghami, and Claro música, our playlists can be streamed around the world.

Pitch to our playlists

Listen up, independent artists – when you’re a DIY musician, promoting your music is all down to you, and playlist placements are a fantastic way to reach new audiences. Luckily, we’re always looking for new music to appear on our playlists.

We make it easy for you to submit your music for consideration; plus, it’s free. RouteNote artists can pitch here for the chance to be featured!

Release your own rap songs for free with RouteNote! You’re never locked in, there’s no hidden fees, and you can pick and choose which stores you release to. Find out more about our award-winning music distribution here.