SidTracker 64 Tutorial – Create Retro Chiptune on Your iPad

SidTracker 64 is an app that allows you to create chiptune in the style of the Commodore 64.

Here is a demo and tutorial of the app available on the Apple App Store for £9.99/$12.99.


Also here are the developers comments on the video so you can make the most of this retro, music creator:

Thanks for the up, we’re delighted you like it as we put a mans age of work in it. Just a few comments to the issues in the video: – 1. You can set sustain by selecting the final step of the desired length and then press the sustatin button – you don’t have to press it on every step! 2. Use “To Song” -button to transfer the pattern numbers from the pattern to the song editor. 3. To copy/insert in the song editor, just select, copy and then choose insert. No need to move the selectbox as it will automatically continue from the last step of the selectbox. 4. Note FX is not for live use, it’s for adding vibrato, glide,tie (legato), pulse reset and filter reset to stop each note from initializing the wavetable or sweep. 5. Try adding some release when using cycle mode to get the notes to ring out for a more “reverby”-effect.

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