Image Credit: YouTube

YouTube address the most common questions asked about the recommendation system, such as how they personalize recommendations.

YouTube’s VP of Engineering Cristos Goodrow covers “a deeper look into how YouTube’s recommendation system works” in a new blog. YouTube’s recommendation system helps connect billions of people around the world to content that uniquely inspires, teaches and entertains. There’s an audience for almost every video on YouTube, the recommendation system’s job is to help the right users find that video for them.

YouTube says recommendations drive a significant amount of overall viewership on YouTube, even more than channel subscriptions or search. Gone are the days of viewers heading straight to their subscription boxes to see what’s new from the creators they love. More often, casual consumers hit up the homepage for a mixture of subscription content and videos from new creators based on their interests.

In this new piece from Goodrow, YouTube uncover the mysterious black box that is YouTube recommendations, answering what a recommendation system is, how they personalize recommendations, their focus on responsible recommendations, and addressing common questions about recommendations. Click here for the full article from YouTube.

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Image Credit: YouTube