Headphone Makers Sennheiser have release their new free music app with the Jay-Z owned streaming service Tidal built-in.

Sennheiser are famed for their quality headphones, bringing to the ears of people around the world. With their new app Sennheiser divert from headphone production but remain focussed on bringing the best sounding music to you.

CapTune is the new free iPhone app by Sennheiser. It’s a premium music player that lets you optimise the sound quality of your listening so you can get your own personal best listening experience. Using the equaliser you can make precise adjustments or choose built-in presets to find the sound that best suits your tastes. When you’ve made your various adjustments you can save your ‘Sound Profiles’ so that you can switch between settings and always come back to your preferences.

When it comes to high-quality music streaming you can’t forget Tidal, who have blazed the way for high-quality streaming with a separate subscription available offering high-fidelity music. Sennheiser knew Tidal’s dedication to HQ music and that’s why CapTune seamlessly integrates with Tidal so that you can listen to the highest quality streaming available and create playlists across platforms.

Here are CapTune’s main features:

  • Integration of player and equaliser in one app
  • SoundCheck to set personal equaliser by A/B listening tests
  • Equaliser presets and effects; created by Sennheiser, personalised by user
  • Control stored and streamed music and create multi-source playlists
  • Integration with Tidal’s high fidelity music streaming (availability of services depends on region)
  • Sound Profiles save your music and settings for different listening situations
  • Smart user interface
  • Compatible with wired and wireless Bluetooth as well as AirPlay devices
  • Colour design themes to match headphones and taste
  • Plays MP3, AIFF, AAC, WAV and Apple Lossless (ALAC) audio files (may vary in regards to device capabilities)
  • Automatic import of iTunes library and playlists
  • Real-time Spectrum analyser
  • Well balanced spatial boost for Sennheiser Momentum series
  • Momentum specific colour themes

Seeing such a big name in music streaming built so closely into an app feels new and could signify more similar developments in the future. A dedicated music player with Spotify built-in? Yes please.