Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ are better and cheaper than Apple AirPods

Samsung’s new TWS earbuds are cheaper than Apple’s AirPods and feature one-tap streaming straight from Spotify.

The TWS (True Wireless Sound) market has become massive in recent years with wireless earbuds overtaking sales of all ‘smart personal audio devices’ last year. Samsung are looking to capitalise on that with their newest earbuds, the Galaxy Buds+.

They’re enhancing their original Galaxy Buds with advanced speaker and microphone technology which promise to deliver high-quality audio at a great price. At $149.99 they’re cheaper than even the cheapest of AirPods without scrimping on features.

Both audio and microphone are promising to be the best yet with 3 microphones for crystal-clear voice captures. They are equipped with a 2-way speaker system with an extra tweeter and woofer that belies it’s size with it’s capable for crisp highs and strong lows.

They have enhanced their Ambient Sound setting so that listeners can intelligently tune out the outside world or enhance it if they need to hear their surroundings. It can be done with a single tap and hold as well.

Their customisable tap and hold setting means that you can control your most important feature without using your phone. For example you can set it to play Spotify straight away, playing from your recommended music and curating a personalised queue.

Their enhanced connectivity also means that once you’ve set it up on one of your devices using your Samsung account they will automatically link up with any other devices on the same account.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ will be available from on the 14th February and then at major outlets from March 6th.

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    The sound quality is premium in galaxy buds. I love to hear the up-beat music on this buds. But I got the black color variant of the buds because the white and yellow variant looks too bright. For the color and look I ordered an ebony wood skin from gadgetshieldz

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