The self-claimed ‘world’s smartest earphone’ is finally available after years of loving craft to make them perfect.

NuraLoop have been working on their entry into the market of wireless earbuds for years, waiting until their award-winning sound technology was perfected for launch. The earbuds are finally available and promise a real alternative to the competitive market led by Apple’s AirPods.

NuraLoop prides it’s uniqueness in their personalisation, using their fine-tuned sound technology to offer incredible detail and customisation in a tiny, wireless package. Using it’s accompanying app NuraLoop automatically learns how you hear within minutes and adapts everything you hear to your ears.

With Bluetooth 5 and aptX HD connections they are capable of providing HD audio, something many wireless headphones and earphones can’t do due to a limited connection. Using Social Mode and Active Noise Cancellation you can find the perfect balance between hearing the world around you or blocking out all noises.

They have built their earbuds on the idea that all of our ears are unique and as such can be tailored to individually for a better sound that is personal to us. Reviewers who have gotten hands on with the buds through their development have sung their praises, Tom’s Guide professes: “NuraLoops are smarter than the AirPods Pro.”

Beyond their incredible sound profiles they’re also decent in other arenas. They have a very impressive 16+ hour battery life with a Smart power function that turns on and off automatically when you are and aren’t using them. Once they’re drained, just 10 minutes of charging will give you another 2 hours of performance.

The TWS (True Wireless Sound) market has become huge and overtook Bluetooth headphones in sales last year. A lot of this is from the success of Apple’s AirPods but many competitors have launched their own in an attempt to dethrone them including Samsung and Google.

The market is now full of TWS buds claiming to be cheaper, better quality and have a longer battery life. Whilst NuraLoop aren’t the cheapest at $199/£199, people who have gotten their hands-on with them certainly seem to think that they are the best sounding option on the market.

Find out more about these great little buds and order yourself a pair to find out just how incredible their personalised sound truly is here.