Samplr turns your MacBook Touch Bar into a multitouch loop slicer and sampler

Music making iPad app Samplr release a free Mac download, that turns your Touch Bar into a sampler, with multiple controls and effects.

We’ve seen music making on the Touch Bar before from Logic Pro X and GarageBand, but today iPad app developers Samplr bring us a multi-functioning sampler.

4 Play Modes

Slicer. Play sample fragments by tapping on them. Select automatic detection or a specific number of slices in the Controls menu.

Looper. Loop a fragment of the audio using two touches. Multiple loops of the same sample with different durations are allowed.

Bow. Use granular synthesis to play a small fragment of the sounds under your touch. Multiple touches are allowed.

Tape. Play the audio sample at different speeds from -200% to 200% the original speed. Multiple touches are allowed.

Play Controls

Press the Space Bar to access the Play Controls. Change the sample Play Mode. Adjust the Attack or Release of the envelope. Transpose the pitch of the sample and change the number of slices for the Slicer play mode.


Control the 3 different effects. Filter low-pass to high-pass frequency. Feedback delay time and feedback amount. And reverb amount.

Audio Recording

Press the R key to record an audio sample using the computer’s microphone.

Download Samplr for Touch Bar here. Download Samplr on iPad here.

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