It’s that time again! Friday means a whole array of brand new magic populating our four in-house playlists from RouteNote and some of the greatest artists using RouteNote.

Who could argue that Friday isn’t the best day of the week? It doesn’t only signal that the weekend is here but thanks to New Music Friday it means we’re treated to new tunes every week. As always, Friday also means that we’re updating our Hooked, Catalyst, Lo-Fi, and Tranquilize playlists with the greatest in new tunes coming through RouteNote.

We have a special selection from Ahrix, Axero, Florence Nevada, Mister Decaf, Lunar Isles, and more fantastic music makers this week. We have your playlist for the night sorted whether you’re looking to get up and dance the night away or settle down in the low lights – so come along and listen with us!

For your chance to feature in RouteNote’s playlists and our New Music posts here on the blog and our social media pages, simply upload your music to RouteNote and we’ll be in touch if we pick out your tracks.

Florence Nevada – Get Shaky

A big bass banger is exactly what we need to enter the night with on a Friday evening. Florence Nevada has given us exactly that with a tune of pure, ground-shaking goodness.

CPYRGHT, Dani King – Mixed Signals

You know what’s not giving me mixed signals? How huge a track this is. CPYRGHT never pulls punches when it comes to making an anthem that is just at home in the club as it is in the car on the way to the club – turned all the way up.

Glamii, Fyex, Daveepa – Stay (feat. Iziya)

Do 3 artists make a song 3 times as good? If this re-imagining of Justin Bieber’s Stay is anything to go by then hell yes!

Ahrix, Piram – Our Reason

Ahrix always provides the goods; the goods being a track that manages to be at the same time beautiful, melancholic, and heart-warmingly energetic. Yes we’ll happily say it: We love Ahrix!

Coolum – Across The Universe

There’s no um-ing about this track, it’s cool. Think spacey, large open sounds with a bone-rattling bass and you’ve got Across The Universe in mind.

Axero – Feels Good

Oh Axero, you’re so good to us. The Summer season may be in the rear view mirror by now but thanks to this gorgeous, happy track the sun is still shining where we’re sat.

sleebo – puddle

So you’re looking for some vibes, huh? Well here you go, sleebo has you covered. You may recognise the vocal sample from a certain fantastic film adaption by that little known producer… Stanley Kubrick. – Tetris Theme (lofi version)

You definitely know the iconic track this is based upon; it’s only from that small game called Tetris! You’ve never heard it like this before though, that’s for sure.

Mister Decaf, soave lofi – Blonde Vanilla Latte

This feels to me like sitting by a pool with a sweet and fruity cocktail as the crickets serenade me and the sun is slowly eclipsed by the horizon, painting the pool a brilliant orange. Where does it take you?

Eudlo – Galaxy

Looking for a smooth, relaxing track to take you into the night? Eudlo is offering a galaxy-sized soundscape with this stunner.

førever, Esydia – simple thoughts.

A gentle piano piece with all the relaxation of the very best that lo-fi hip-hop beats have to offer. This is perfect for chilling out to.

Lunar Isles – Anchorage

Dreamy, poppy, rocky, summer days on the beach feelings. This is the low-down relaxing guitar music we’ll be soothing ourselves with come Sunday evening.