RouteNote’s New Music Releases 27th August, 2021: 12 fresh tracks in 4 huge playlists to suit every mood

We have four smoking hot playlists for you with fresh new tracks for every occassion whether your weekend is going to be a non-stop party or a low-key, chilled out affair. We’ve got the musical goods to please your speakers.

It’s that time again. Friday is here and that means that there is new music from incredible artists all around the globe. Keeping track of all the great new tunes to come out from the top artists down to the underground gems can be hard, and that’s why RouteNote’s four in-house playlists are the place to be at the end of the week.

We have a playlist for every mood, with Hooked offering the party bangers to get the people dancing and Catalyst offering the best house music for parties or more mellow vibes. For a more downtempo weekend of relaxing in the sun or curling up inside with we have Lo-Fi, full of the very best mellow hip-hop sounds. Finally our brand new playlist Tranquilize offers up something entirely new with the greatest easy-listening music from across a bunch of genres.

Here are 12 of the brand new tracks spicing up our playlists this week.

Sunny Days – Coolum

Looking to spend your weekend with a chilled drink, in the sun, dreaming about palm trees (or perhaps laying down under real ones!)? Coolum’s fantastic new track will take you to the tropical paradise of your dreams with its immutable energy and summer sounds.

Ice Cream – 3ble

One for the late summer evenings when you want to hold the people close to you tight and dance through the night. 3ble has dropped another mega banger on our doorstep. This one needs to be turned up.

No Turning Back – Vexento

Vexento has long been one of our favourites at RouteNote. Always fresh, always on the good vibes; No Turning Back represents Vexento doing just that. Carrying on the path of incredible dance tunes that have come before, this is another track that feels like pure Vexento whilst sounding fresh as he carries on his route to getting hands across the world in the air.

Abilities – BARELO

If you are a fan of house then you need to get this on your speakers or on your headphones. BARELO does not disappoint on this incredible house tune that needs to be in every real dance lover’s mix this year.

Last Friday Night – Santi & Jamie Deraz

Last Friday night we didn’t have this track on our playlists and now they’re all the better for it. A big, bouncy track that was made to jump around to this Friday night – and the next… and the next.

forest – Hetalia

Need some time to relax? Everybody deserves a moment that is dedicated to number one: yourself. Let Hetalia be your guide to laying back and letting the stresses of the week lift off you with this gorgeous piece, now making our Lo-Fi playlist the chillest it’s ever been.

I’ll be honest with you – Rogian.n

I’ll be honest with you, dear reader. You’re gonna love this track. It’s mellow, it has retro vibes all over it, jazzy chords that will lift you up, smooth beats that will keep you steady. What are you waiting for, discover Rogian.n.

trust in me – adi.

adi.’s new track is set apart from the others in its unique sound. It’s a perfect blend of lo-fi indie vocals and guitar with some hip-hop beats keeping the piece rolling in what feels like a minute-and-a-half long dream that you’re sad to wake up from.

Ether – Sizzle Bird

Where do I begin with this ethereal new piece from Sizzle Bird? It starts off as a landscape view of an old Celtic landscape, textured with brush-land and wild animals roaming in the high noon sun. Then the chase begins and you’re rolling up and down the hills with creatures ahead and on your tail. At least, that’s what I thought.

DoublePercent – Juice

A refreshing glass of juice in a track. DoublePercent doesn’t miss on this loungey, jazz-y piece of magic. If you’re looking for something to bop your head to this weekend then boy, do we have the goods for you with this track.

Under the Waves – Borrtex

Borrtex is a composer of emotion, not just music. This gorgeous piece from him expresses that in every way possible. From melancholy ruminations, to moments of uplifting optimism; this track is a journey that we think you should all go on.

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