RouteNote’s New Music Releases 22nd October 2021: Twelve tracks to fire up your Friday

Listen up for some of the best new music from RouteNote artists heading onto our curated playlists this weekend.

Friday is here and we’re back at it again showing you the best new releases uploaded by independent artists to RouteNote this week. These 12 stomping tracks are heading onto our curated playlists.

We’ve got four fabulous in-house playlists for your eager ears. Hooked will ensnare you with its upbeat rhythms, Catalyst is your go-to for everything House music related, Lo-Fi is a great mix for studying to, and Tranquilize is a selection of the chillest new tracks.

Every song that appears on our playlists was released by the artist via RouteNote distribution. Want to be featured? Upload your songs with RouteNote for free, and you could see your song on a future New Music Friday playlist. We can’t wait to hear your tracks!

Uplink, KENO – Mi Gente

First up on our Hooked playlist is “Mi Gente,” featuring super-catchy synth and vocal lines and a dark beat built for when the sun drops out of sight and you’re ready to head for the club.

KIRE – Let Me Tell You Something

With a classic dance track piano chord sequence and soulful vocal loop, “Let Me Tell You Something” with get your heart racing. Great for a workout.

Tommy Loude – Eternal

Our final choice from Hooked this week switches between ghostly vibes to a pumping beat, an eerie atmosphere rippling throughout.

Vexento – Flashback

Next up, our Catalyst playlist. A RouteNote favourite, Vexento always brings the party vibes. “Flashback” is no different, dropping fun music box melodies one minute and dancefloor-ready builds the next.

 SouMix, Solina – When The Party’s Over

Whack up the volume on this. SouMix gives the Billie Eilish smash “When The Party’s Over” a dramatic makeover, with bass that smacks down in between 20-year-old Solina’s gorgeous vocal.

Sönnefelt, Joan Alasta – Ocean

Joan Alasta’s rich, passionate singing voice blends dreamily with Sönnefelt’s inventive production in “Ocean,” our final choice from our Catalyst mix.

Peaceful Melody, soave lofi – She Will Be Loved

Now let’s explore three tracks from our Lo-Fi mix. First up, this version of the early noughties Maroon 5 classic “She Will Be Loved” is so laid-back its horizontal. Bet you’ll still sing along with the melody from the tranquil guitar though.

golden era – No Where (lofi version)

Don’t get up – keep on relaxing with this short but sweet instrumental version of YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s track “No Where” from the master of lo-fi cover tracks, golden era.

Emmanuel Nova, Homedown – Just Remember One Day

The final highlight from the Lo-Fi playlist sees Emmanuel Nova and Homedown joining forces for a lovely slice of lofi hip-hop.

Coolum – Bliss

Keep those chill vibes as we head into our Tranquilize mix. “Bliss” will definitely put a big grin on your face, from the cheerful banjo introduction to the skipping drumbeat.

Sam Ojalvo – Swimming Circles

Sam Ojalvo’s dreamy guitar licks shimmer through “Swimming Circles,” another cracker for our Tranquilize mix.

Wavey – In My Darkness

We’re closing out the playlist highlights this week with “In My Darkness,” featuring layers of murmured vocals, a spinning piano line and lurking synths which are both gentle and build up the anticipation.  

I write about music for RouteNote, sharing fun stuff, news, and tips and tricks for musicians and producers. Also a saxophonist and hater of marmalade.

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