Our new playlist is here! Listen to 12 new tracks from Tranquilize and our three other RouteNote curated playlists, featuring amazing tracks from RouteNote artists and even a feature from Ed Sheeran.

Happy Friday everyone! Time to check out our brand new in-house playlist, and all the new music launching today across the four playlists curated by the RouteNote team.

Tranquilize is the newest curated playlist to join our lineup, offering easy listening music across the genres to help you breeze through the weekend and beyond. Don’t forget our Hooked playlist with uptempo dance bangers, Catalyst bringing you all things house, and Lo-fi offering relaxing chillhop.

Scroll on for twelve brand new tracks from RouteNote artists, including cover versions taking well-known tracks to new places – and a feature from Ed Sheeran.

Morning Dan, Red Powder, Franko Keys – Persik

Let’s begin by introducing you to a few tracks from our brand new playlist, Tranquilize. First, easing you in with the twinkling piano and laidback beat of “Persik.”

Boshi, bearbare, Lucas Melan – Stay with Me

Here the haunting melody of Sam Smith’s hit “Stay With Me” is stripped back to crisply layered piano, an excellent accompaniment to settling in for the evening after a long workday.

Martin Arteta – Lucid Dreams

Another creatively transformed cover song to end the Tranquilized highlights. This time “Lucid Dreams” by Juice WRLD is slowed down and given the acoustic treatment by Martin Arteta, before a steady beat kicks in for an extra injection of emotion.

FIRST – Back ‘N Forth

Time to take it up a few gears with our Hooked playlist. Let’s launch straight in with FIRST’s invigorating party track “Back ‘N Forth.”

Lupage – Yo No Sé (feat. Seba Dentis)

Next up, “Yo No Sé” by Lupage. Beginning with menacingly low vocals, the track builds to an energizing rhythm that’ll get your heart pumping.

Oxyoze – Don’t Know Why

The final track from our Hooked playlist comes from Oxyoze. That smooth production will keep you pushing right through your workout.

Fallen – Do This To Me

Next up, let’s explore the Catalyst playlist. “Do This To Me” by Fallen is a bright mix, with bubbling sounds that dance around each other and make you nod along.

Alande – Because Of Love

Check out the perfectly controlled build-ups in “Because of Love” by Alande. Another highlight from our Catalyst playlist this week with catchy melodies throughout.

Alonestar – Raise ’em up – Tropical house mix (feat. Ed Sheeran & Herbert Skillz)

Ed Sheeran has just announced that his fifth album is due in October and this week he’s here on our Catalyst playlist too, featuring on Alonestar’s tropical house remix of the catchy banger “Raise ‘em up.”

Alonestar is versatile rapper and producer Jethro Sheeran, who just so happens to be Ed’s cousin. This house remix is made for dancing barefoot in the sand, raising your cocktail up to the stars.

Juliette – velvet pillows

Our fourth playlist is full of Lo-Fi mixes. Taken from the nights shades EP, “velvet pillows” takes simple, great ideas and layers them for a relaxing study soundtrack.

Grandmaster Faff – Get Up

The brilliantly named Grandmaster Faff has released a groovy, laidback track featuring a funky guitar riff and snatches of jazzy horns – hit play and check it out below.

after noon – Late Hours

Finally, let the gentle sound of rainwater carry you away, as after noon’s “Late Hours” gives you the lo-fi vibes you need to drift off to sleep or knuckle down and concentrate for the start of the working week.

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