We’re changing our name to RootNoot, meet our new musical mascots

We’re excited to bring finally unveil our new brand and introduce you to our new furry friends who will soon be featuring on your tracks.

We’ve noticed over the years that a lot of people have gotten our name wrong. So, we’ve decided to embrace the mistakes and change our name to RootNoot!

With our new brand name, we’re excited to launch our new musical mascots coming straight out of the South Pole and into your hearts. Our four new characters play a range of instruments and will soon be available as a fuzzy toy which you can order. They will play along with your tracks and you can feature them in any of your songs then upload them straight to RouteNote!

For the junior school vibes we have our baby penguin on recorder, for something a little more exotic our older penguin can play the accordion along with your tracks. Our sensational seal will bark along melodiously to any arrangement you present to him. Finally, for the true sound of the South Pole our leading RootNoot mascot can play the icicles and provide the beats behind your songs.

Happy first of April!

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