ROLI are back combining their amazing keyboards with their new musical blocks

The makers of incredible “5D” expressive keyboards, ROLI are launching a new keyboard with a price tag that can appeal to all musicians.

In recent years ROLI have established themselves as one of the most innovative and creative manufacturers making instruments and music kit now. With the revolutionary Seaboard they created a keyboard where every touch and every movement changed the sounds you came out with.

Now ROLI are back with a new Seaboard that makes their fascinating keyboard far more affordable ($299/£279), portable and allows integration of their new Roli Blocks for a truly unique music-making experience. ROLI’s new Seaboard Block is all about connectivity, with its small shape being utilised to allow multiple Seaboard Blocks or ROLI Blocks to be attached on the side. With 24 keys there’s enough to play with but the option to add more keys or more music functions allows the instrument much more versatility – as if Seaboard designs weren’t versatile enough.

Whilst you can use it with most music software how you’d like, each Seaboard Block comes with a free mobile app that acts as a control center, giving you a massive range of customisation options as well as 3 desktop apps for total control of your Seaboard.


Start making NOISE, a free app that includes hundreds of sounds. It pairs wirelessly with Seaboard Block, so you can play anywhere you have a connected device.

Equator Player

Browse 100+ free sounds on a desktop sound player based on Equator, ROLI’s flagship soft synth and sound engine.

BLOCKS Dashboard

Control music software programs outside the NOISE and Equator environment. Seaboard Block becomes a versatile controller for Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and other plug-ins and programs.


Push the limits of musical creativity with Max MSP, an open-ended environment for plug-in development. Three month free trial with Seaboard Block.

ROLI say of the Seaboard Block: “Perform with it on stage. Produce with it in your studio. Throw it in your bag and take it to the cafe – it’s as lightweight as a magazine. Seaboard Block is an incredibly versatile controller that suits any musical set-up, anywhere.”

The Seaboard Block is expected to launch later this month. Find out more here:

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