The Grand Piano has never looked more different with this prize-winning design come to fruition by Roland.

Roland have premiered the GPX-F1 ‘Facet’ grand piano, a concept that has been years in the making. The piano looks entirely different to any piano you’ve seen before and looks like it’s fresh out of a sci-fi comic book based on musicians of the future.

The design of the Facet Grand Piano is based upon Jong Chan Kim’s design that won the competition for Roland Digital Piano Design Awards in 2015. Designers around the world were asked to design their idea of the ultimate “Concert Grand Piano” and Kim’s prize earned the Grand Prize and has now become reality.

After years of discussion and design meetings, Roland finally unveiled the Facet Grand Piano at CES 2020. It’s unique style makes it look like it’s floating, eschewing the traditional large bodies of grand pianos for a sleek, slimline design.

The piano is packing Roland’s latest piano modelling sound engine, keyboard and speaker system for a powerful and authentic sound when played. It’s modern design allows it to be digitally connected so it can access digital content and provide unique visual expressions displayed on the piano lid.

Roland say: “The cabinet introduces a unique aesthetic that challenges perceptions, it also delivers the ultimate piano sound experience to both player and audience. As well as presenting a unique and exciting profile, the angular construction also helps project the ideal sound elements.

“We optimised the sounds from our latest PureAcoustic Piano Modelling technology and multispeaker Acoustic Projection System to perfectly match the potential of this piano.”

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