Introducing Korg’s build-it-yourself headphone amp and overdrive pedal

Korg are launching a new range of DIY kits so you can get hands-on and build your own music equipment.

Last September Korg announced their new Nu:Tekt range of DIY music gear that comes disassembled to be built by the purchaser. Their first devices to be bought in kit-form have been officially announced and will be available next month.

First up is the HA-S headphone amplifier that will provide your headphones with high quality, powered audio. With their built-in Nutube technology the amplifier offers the warmth of tube-powered sound in a compact, stable package. The HA-S’ transparent case means you can see inside at the glow of your analog vacuum tube.

The HA-S has a special NFB (Negative Feedback) switch, that allows you to choose from a high fidelity clean and pristine sound, or a warmer, more harmonically rich sound as expected from a vacuum tube. When the NFB switch is ON, the distortion ratio and frequency characteristics will be modified, creating a really detailed and clean sound.

For advanced users who want to customize their amplifier even more, the circuit diagrams are readily available, making it really easy to change discrete components and make your own and unique headphone amp matching your desired tone and performance.

Korg have also announced the arrival of their OD-S overdrive pedal kit. The DIY pedal building pack lets you customise and build it to suit the sound you want to get with your overdrive.

The OD-S features 2 gain knobs: One standard gain and another Tube Gain for adjusting the vacuum tube powered amplification. The OD-S also features Korg’s Nutube, triode vacuum tube for a powerful and rich tube-driven sound.

The OD-S also incorporates a switch that lets you choose between 2 different overdrive types (with different Low – High ranges) along with True Bypass; making it an ideal pedal for live performances. For advanced users who want to customize their tone further, the modification-friendly layout allows you to change out discrete components to create your own unique pedal to match your desired tone and performance.

The HA-S kit will be available next month for $350 whilst the OD-S pedal kit hasn’t gotten a price yet but will launch next month as well. Expect to see much more from Korg’s exciting new Nu:Tekt range. Find out more from their website.

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