Image Credit: Roland

Roland’s new FP-E50 portable digital piano “brings many of Roland’s best technologies together”, and it’s designed to allow you to create music in any style with its many awesome features.

For example, you can play the keys with the choice of many different tones, including synth sounds, and easily layer different tones together, and more.

The Roland FP-E50 keyboard

The FP-E50 is equipped with a full 88 keyboard, consisting of progressively weighted action keys and real hammers. In other words, the low notes are heavier than the higher notes the keys get progressively heavier as you move up the keyboard.

You can choose between many different piano tones that are based on Roland’s supernatural technology, offering you “tonnes of expressive power”. Roland states the FP-E50 has the great piano performance qualities that the FP series is renowned for in addition to the latest ZEN-core technology with a selection of world-class synth sounds!

You can even layer different tones together at the click of a single button! Simply start with one sound, layer in a synth sound, and play the two tones simultaneously. And you can further customize the tone of the piano to your taste and musical style, or even your environment, by “raising or lowering the lid” or even making fine-tuning changes to individual notes!

Additional features include a mod wheel & pitch bend wheel. You can these assign to a variety of parameters and functions for modulation, after which they return to normal modulation and pitch functions.


A selection of buttons sits above the keyboard that allows you to insert an accompaniment beat behind your playing! “Start/Stop”, “Variation 1”, “Variation 2”, and “Intro/Ending” buttons allow you to turn the beat on and vary it with different fills and such. However, use a “Sync Start” button and bring the groove in to start when you need it to.

As a result, you can keep yourself in a timer without the need for a metronome.

Playing & chord modes

The FP-E50 offers you quite a few different ways of playing. For instance, you can utilize its Interactive Mode which adjusts how the accompanying beat plays as your melody or chord progression changes. If you speed up, the arrangement gets more and more complex!

Its chord sequencer, on the other hand, interprets your playing and all backing instruments follow your chord progressions in real-time. Alternatively, you can choose from a selection of preset chord sequences and play against them freely.

Additionally, you can save any chord progression you make or any pre-existing chords you choose from and save them as Scenes before fleshing multiple Scenes out into a song.

Microphone effects

Finally, the keyboard offers a couple of microphone effects – and you don’t need to be blessed with a good singing voice to make use. Simply plug in a microphone to the correct input, hold the “Mic FX” button, and select the effect that best fits your music. There are three available, all of which have their own settings, including:

  1. Harmony
  2. Voice Transformer
  3. Vocoder

You can control the level of the Mic input and effects, in addition to the level of the master output, keyboard, beat accompaniment, and song with 5 volume faders.

The Roland FP-E50 digital keyboard will be available for $999.99 and will be available this month.

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