Amazon Music app gets Car Mode – a simplified interface for driving

Car Mode on Amazon Music makes text larger, simplifies controls, offers customisable presets and encourages voice control with Alexa.

Facebook launches new BARS app for making and sharing your own raps

TikTok for rappers? New BARS app lets aspiring rappers create 60-second videos over professional beats.

YouTube Music now shows singles and albums in a grid view on artist pages

An update to the iOS, Android and web apps now present album arts on artist pages in a larger grid view over the previous list view.

Rekordbox now syncs your DJ mixes into Dropbox

Pioneer’s leading DJ software has teamed up with Dropbox so you can easily pack your mixes up and find them again wherever you are. Rekordbox is a favourite of DJs who turn to computers to…

Elsa – Retro-Style Sampling App for iOS with Tempo Based Looping

Developer Erik Sigth has released Elsa – a retro-style sampling app for iOS (Universal) with tempo based looping. Elsa lets you record, save, load & reverse samples. Features: Sample keyboard Tempo based looping ADSR Bit…

Google Play Music iPhone and iPad app (all iOS devices) is live!

Google has brought it’s Play Music service to Apple iOS devices. Google Play Music app went live today and its going to be a hit on iOS devices. Google seems happy to infest the iOS operating…