Reddit vs TikTok – Reddit absorbs Dubsmash into its app

Image Credit: Reddit

Reddit continues its quest to mimic TikTok by making its app like Dubsmash, leaving the original video platform to perish in 2022.

RIP Dubsmash. After February 2022, the video app will no longer exist. Since buying Dubsmash a year ago Reddit has been building the features into its own app instead, and is ready to dump the original.

Dubsmash is a short-form video platform similar to TikTok, popular for lip-sync videos. With the runaway popularity of TikTok, Reddit was smart to buy Dubsmash in 2020.

By integrating TikTok-esque Dubsmash features into its main platform, the company will be hoping to continue to cash in on the winning formula. Since bringing in Dubsmash features to Reddit, the company says there’s been a 30% growth in daily video viewers and an increase of 70% of total hours watched.

Reddit’s video feed feature looks and feels like TikTok

reddit-first lenses - bread dog meme

Shiny new tools have been added to the iOS and Android Reddit that allow more interaction with videos and editing features:

  • Users can upvote, comment and share the short vertical videos, and swipe to keep watching other similar videos.

  • Reddit users can use Reddit-first lenses and add stickers, filters, voice overs, and use a drawing tool.

  • Editing features include volume adjustment, changing the speed of videos, and setting timers.

  • Users can upload in portrait mode, landscape or fill, trim multiple clips.

Image Credit: Reddit

Reddit says Dubsmash users will like their new home on Reddit, with the integration making the platform feel familiar. Dubsmash lovers can still congregate at r/dubsmash.

Everyone is seeking a bit of the TikTok magic in 2021, with the launch of Reels on Facebook, and even Spotify reportedly looking to introduce a vertical feed of music videos.

Reddit had already followed other social media apps in chasing the audio-only Clubhouse app hype with the launch of Reddit Talk, a social audio chat within subreddits.

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