Image Credit: Korg

The Korg Minilogue Bass features a firy design and a bank of exclusive sounds using the same hardware as the original

Gear News reports that the Korg Minilogue Bass is a limited edition version of the very desirable Korg Minilogue synthesizer. The Minilogue Bass features a new bank of specially curated sounds and the tasteful new look gives this limited edition polyphonic analog synthesizer an edge over the matte grey of the original.

The original Minilogue remains a pretty popular synth. Its tone warms bass sounds and keeps high notes lush. Moreover, its layout is easy to navigate and its price is accessible compared to others.

Korg Minilogue Bass

The Minilogue Bass is a polyphonic analog synthesizer with 4 voices. The new synth utilizes the same hardware as the original instrument, in addition to its firmware and architecture of the original.

The Bass maintains the easy playability of the Minilogue with its:

  1. One LFO
  2. Two Oscillators
  3. One Filter
  4. Two Envelopes
  5. One Amplifier.
  6. Eight Play Modes (Arp, Chord, and Polyphonic)
  7. 16-Step Sequencer.
Image Credit: Korg

And the Minilogue Bass retains the connectivity of the Minilogue with its:

  • Balanced TRS Headphone output
  • Unbalanced 1/4″ TS Audio In & Out
  • A USB-B Port
  • DIN MIDI In & Out
  • 3.5mm TS Sync In & Out

But its sleek new look is striking. While some may prefer white & black keys, the red & black look is pretty spicy. Meanwhile, the embossed swirling patterns on the front panel give the synth a premium edge compared to the matte grey of the original.

In any case, the sound bank is the selling point of this synth. Its catalog of sounds includes samples of sound designers and artists such as Minoru Koike, Michihiko Nakanishi, Devonwho, and Hikaru Yamamoto. The synth includes 100 preset patches in total that you can expand with another 100 user programs!

MusicTech reports that the limited edition Minilogue Bass will be available for £649. Korg hasn’t disclosed how many of these will be available at the time of writing.

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