Image Credit: PreSonus

PreSonus’s Studio One 6 features a multitude of smart features designed to support songwriters, engineers, and more.

Smart Templates

You’ll find New Smart Templates inside the all-new Studio One DAW, and they’re designed to make it easy to get started on a specific task right away.

Smart Templates are made up of preconfigured tracks and channels with a customized interface and automatic download of necessary content.

Examples of Smart Templates include basic recording, beat making, mixing stems, album mastering, setting up for a live show, and more.

You can import audio via a drop zone, in addition to video and MIDI file zones.

Moreover, the software features interactive tutorials so you can get stuck in right away.

The Customisation Editor

The Customisation Editoralows you to show or hide nearly all of Studio One 6’s tools and functions.

As a result, you can streamline the DAWs interface in accordance with how you best work.

A beginners can choose to only have the essential tools showing, while a more experienced user can keep the DAWs’ power features in front of them.

You can save customized interfaces and again preset options allow you to get stuck in (again).

Lyric Support

And songwriters may find the new lyric support to be a very useful feature. This tool allows you to add lyrics to a project via a dedicated editor!

In practice, You can attach to notes word by word or syllable by syllable in both the Score and Piano views.

In this latest iteration, the team stayed focused on listening to loyal users’ needs, creating innovative solutions to boost productivity in the professional audio production space. We want engineers, producers, recording musicians, and creators around the world to feel supported and inspired to build their best work yet.

Arnd Kaiser, General Manager, Software at PreSonus

New plugins

Studio One 6 has got some cool new plugins such as a new De-Esser and Vocoder to play with.

Moreover, popular plugins like the ProEQ, Autofilter, Mai Tai, Sample One XT, and Presence XT have seen some improvements too.

Studio One Pricing

Pricing for PreSonus’s Studio One 6 DAW s below, as reported by MusicRadar.

  • Studio One 6 Professional for macOS and Windows: $399.95
  • Studio One 6 Artist: $99.95
  • PreSonus Sphere: ($14.95/mo, $164.95/yr)
  • All previous Studio One Professional versions to Studio OneTM 6 Professional Upgrade: $149.95
  • All previous Studio OneTM Artist versions to Studio OneTM 6 Professional Upgrade: $299.95 USD

Current PreSonus SphereTM members will receive Studio One 6 in their accounts at no extra cost

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