Poly Expressive is a new MIDI foot controller that gives you full XY control over your pedal-board on a printed piece of paper.

MIDI switching systems are nothing new, but this new take on a pedal-board certainly is. It works simply, you create your custom pedal-board how you want it on their app then print it out and place it into the Poly Expressive case.

That’s not the only fascinating thing about the Poly Expressive though, with it’s expressive layout you can control your parameters all whilst playing, using your foot.

Poly Expressive isn’t a 1 dimensional controller like an expression or wah pedal. Instead, it senses horizontal and vertical position and pressure at very high precision and low latency, giving you much more control with every movement.

You can also customise the curve / taper of each of control. Imagine that you want to control a filter but only half of the range of the control knob suits your style. It’s easy to setup to have just the section you want.

Don’t worry about giving up your pedal collection though as Poly Expressive snugly fits into your setup. The team behind Poly Expressive have been working with real pedals with plans to have default controls and boards for every major pedal. They say: “Currently we test with pedals from Chase Bliss, Pigtronix, Positive Grid, Strymon and Line 6.”

What about music production? Yep, it’s good for that too: “Clip launching, live looping, parameter control, it’s all easy with Poly Expressive. Do you want something like a clip launcher for your feet? Just print out that board. Poly Expressive is great with Bitwig Studio, Ableton Live and other DAWs. You can connect up to your DAW with Bluetooth MIDI or traditional wired connections. If you’re running Bias FX / Amp on your iPad, tablet or laptop you can easily control it with Poly Expressive.”

The Poly Expressive is currently on Kickstarter where you can blag yourself one before it ships and help to make it happen! Head on over and secure yours now, shipping starts next March: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1961989452/poly-expressive-midi-foot-control-dont-switch-cont