Activision have dropped the remastered Pro Skater 1 + 2 soundtrack with nostalgic classics and new additions from up-and-coming artists.

Tony Hawk’s 1 + 2 is due in September, ready to throw fans back 20 years to a time where gamers could become their favourite skater and of course listen to the killer punk rock and ska soundtrack.

The soundtrack for the remaster is to feature most of the original soundtrack, with classics such as Bad Relgion – You and Goldfinger – Superman. With some new additions, keeping to the rock, punk and rap style that made the first games so popular.

This week saw the release of the soundtrack of the game pre-release. Activision teamed up with Noisey for a virtual concert, with performances from some of the game’s new musical additions such as CHAII, Merkules, Machine Gun Kelly and Rough Francis.

I think that the new game is going to make fans remember why they enjoyed this series in the first place. Since many of us have been stuck at home, people have told me they’ve busted out their old consoles to play our video games, especially the first two, because it brings them back to a time they remember fondly. When they see what we’ve offered them in the new game, in terms of upgrading, remastering, and the new music, I think they’re going to love it. I can already feel the excitement and people haven’t even gotten their hands on it yet.

Tony Hawk with For the Record

Find the full chat with Tony Hawk, Bad Religion’s Jay Bentley and Goldfinger’s John Feldmann here.

Stream the full soundtrack on Spotify: