Vegan Grime Artists Create Music From Plant Vibrations

Image credit: Subway

Vegan grime artists P Money and Star.One have teamed up with Subway to create plant based music, sampled from plant vibrations.

Plant-based beats are now officially a thing thanks to the partnership between P Money, Star.One and, Subway. The partnership is in celebration of the recent Earth Day

The pair went into one of Subways urban farms and collected sounds from plants used in Subway‘s menus, remixing the plant’s vibrations into a track called ‘Vegang’. 

The track was created using PlantWave technology that involves placing electrodes on the leaves to detect each individual plants vibrations. Naturally, the lyrics are also heavily plant based with rapper P Money creating lyrics about his experiences as a vegan. 

The song is part of the campaign ‘Plant-Based Beats’ that aims to appeal to the rising veganism among people, particularly Gen Z. The campaign follows the announcement of Subways two new vegan items TLC (Tastes Like Chicken) and a Vegan Double Choc Cookie. 

Angie Gosal, Marketing Director of Subway Uk & Ireland, commented on the campaign: 

“As more people champion plant-based lifestyles, we’re excited to be involved in the release of the first-ever grime track made from plant sounds. With our ever-expanding vegan range, Earth Day felt like the perfect opportunity to celebrate Subway now having one of the biggest and tastiest plant-based menus on the high street, to offer you even more choice.”

Although it is clever marketing from a food company it would be great to see more earthy based sound in our music, imagine the beat a cabbage could make!

You can watch the process of recording and making ‘Vegang’ here:

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