99% Invisible Inc., the company behind the podcast hosted by Roman Mars, has been sold to Stitcher, SiriusXM’s podcast platform.

Stitcher, the podcast creation, distribution and monetization platform purchased by SiriusXM last year for $325 million, have bought 99% Inivisible Inc., the production team behind the popular design and architecture podcast. This will see host Roman Mars and his team of 13 employees join Stitcher. Neither party have disclosured the terms of the deal.

Fans on the show will be happy to hear Mars will stay on as host and the show will continue to be available for free across all podcast platforms. The team will continue to produce What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law and other new projects. While the show isn’t currently moving exclusively to SiriusXM, Mars told The New York Times that the companies could explore this option down the line.

In a Twitter thread, Mars talked about the decision to sell the podcast, saying “So much of my job had become running a business and not making a podcast. I desperately needed that to change.”

Radiotopia, the podcast network founded by Roman Mars in 2014, will continue to operate indepedently from SiriusXM and Stitcher. Mars donated $1 million to help the network thrive.