Sony Music Publishing partner with Stockholm-based music management and publishing company The Very Good

Sony recently announced its partnership with Stockholm-based company The Very Good Music Publishing to provide support to their catalogue.

The Very Good Music Publishing is part of the Very Good AB (formerly Vivstilo), founded by Jakob Emtestam in 2011, which in ten years has become one of the top music management companies in Scandinavia. The company and their songwriters have helped secure many global hits over years such as Señorita by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello, Stay by Zedd & Alessia Cara, Let You Love Me by Rita Ora and many more. Recently, The Very Good signed hit songwriter-producers Julia Karlson and Anton Rundberg, the writers behind The Business by Tiesto. They have earned success with top artists such as BTS, Sting, Mø, Alan Walker, Ava Max, and many prominent local artists. The roster also shows rising Scandinavian songwriters such as Hilda Stenmalm, Moa Pettersson Hammar, Gustav Nyström, Kristin Carpenter, Martin Stilling and Rasmus Budny.

In the press release, Sony Music Publishing said the deal would help them provide support to The Very Good Music Publishing’s catalogue and expand global opportunities for its roster of songwriters. The publishing arm was established around two year ago with Director of Operations Manne Björkman, VP of A&R Holly Astera, and Partner and VP of A&R Dan Karlström.

The Very Good not only has a fantastic roster, but is comprised of a driven, professional creative team with a proactive approach that earns continued success. We’ve been working closely with Jakob for over a decade now with Noonie Bao, and recently Linus Wiklund, so this is a natural step for us. We are honoured and excited to welcome The Very Good to the Sony Music Publishing family.

Johnny Tennander, Sony Music Publishing MD, Scandinavia and SVP, A&R, Europe

We represent the best songwriters in the world with the support of our incredible A&R team, and joining forces with Sony Music Publishing only makes us stronger – we can’t be anything but excited for the future. After having worked with Sony over the full life of The Very Good/Vivstilo, we have developed a terrific relationship, and it feels like we’re coming home.

Jakob Emtestam, Founder, The Very Good

Sony’s profits in 2020 were recently revealed, showing a huge drive from music.

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