Image credit: Nubelson Fernandes

Phillips Hue and Spotify have partnered up to bring listeners the ability to create epic mood lighting whilst using the streaming service.

Mood lighting and RGB lighting have blown up in popularity in recent years, especially recently thanks to apps such as TikTok. In line with this trend of using lighting to enhance media experiences, Spotify has partnered up with Phillips Hue. The partnership will allow those with Phillips Hue lighting to sync their music up with the lights. Allowing for a customizable light show to go with your music.

The close partnership is supposed to provide a better experience than using third-party apps. Allowing the Hue system to adjust lighting effects based on specific data about the music you’re playing, including genre, volume, mood, and much more. You can also use the Signify app (made for Phillips) to customize and tailor it to your needs. 

However, there are a few catches. To have access to this you will need a Hue Bridge, which not every Hue owner will have. The feature also only supports cooler bulbs. A positive though is that you do not need a paid Spotify subscription, a free account will work perfectly. 

The rollout for this feature has already been rolled out and will be available to all Hue users within the week. It’s currently an early access feature that has a permanent feature date of October.