Spotify’s growth in The Netherlands show that you could walk down any street there and find a Premium Spotify listener.

Spotify are nearly at 3 million subscribers in The Netherlands, at least that’s according to the latest from Multiscope who have been tracking their growth in the country. They say that Spotify has “nearly three million paying users”, a significant proportion of their 17,000,000 strong population.

Whilst only a small country in Spotify’s extensive global reach, if the statistics are correct then The Netherlands makes up almost 3% of Spotify’s subscribers around the world. The report showed that when combining free and paid users, 39% of Dutch people are streaming music on Spotify.

The estimates are based on a survey of 3,600 Dutch people which suggests that Spotify makes €350 million a year in the Netherlands alone. According to the report Spotify account for 56% of Dutch music streaming. Whilst YouTube is used by 39% of the Dutch to listen to music it only accounts for 27% of the total time spent streaming music.

Spotify have a decent chunk of The Netherlands streaming music with them but the report also suggests that new users are signing up slower than before. But when you already have a third of a country listening, you can’t complain too much.