The British government have allowed gigs to return but they will have to follow guidelines and must be outside.

The British government are encouraging a return to the high street and are even promoting eating at restaurants again with discounts. But the music industry has looked on at the gradual re-opening of industries at a bit of a loss as to what will happen with an industry that is expected to return last.

Unfortunately gigs are a crowded affair. It’s part of the atmosphere whether you’re packed into a cosy pub or you’re amongst the swathes at a huge arena. But of course this means that gigs are a high-risk event of spreading the Coronavirus so it’s uncertain how we’ll bring them back in full.

However in good news for the UK, outdoor concerts have been given the greenlight to take place once more after gigs have been stopped for months. From July 11th, outdoor concerts were allowed with social distancing measures in the crowds along with outdoor theatre performances.

Northern Ireland are currently planning to host the first socially distanced music festival in Europe. A huge event for the year when nearly all music festivals and events around the world have been postponed or cancelled.

The UK’S Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport are reportedly testing indoor concerts to work out a plan for bringing them back, perhaps in the near future. For now, outdoor concerts with the same socially distanced measures as restaurants can return with 2 meters between attendees.