If you’ve been missing going out to concerts in the next few months then you’ll be happy to hear about socially distanced gigs returning to the indoors next month.

Earlier this month the British government allowed concerts to return after events halls and venues had to close their doors for the majority of this year so far. The conditions were that any events had to be outside and adhere to social distancing measures.

Now it’s only a week until indoor gigs will be allowed to return, though they will also be required to follow all social distancing guidelines. The announcement from the Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden comes after the London Symphony Orchestra tested the viability of audiences attending events indoors and successfully maintaining new health and safety measures.

Whilst some venues may welcome the chance to re-open their businesses and earn money once more, the return of gigs at this time may present even more issues. As social distancing guidelines are still so heavily emphasised any events will only be able to have a fraction of the audiences they would normally meaning a drastically decreased cash flow.

For many venues this may not make putting on gigs to a reduced capacity viable at all. Some are calling for the government to implement a scheme, such as matching each ticket purchase so that the venues are able to bring in revenues worth twice the reduced capacity.

It will be interesting to see which venues do decide to host events again when they’re officially allowed to return in August. I have a feeling however that many will not return until there is more financial support from the government or until social distancing measures are eased allowing for a larger flow of traffic.