Its straightforward controls and UI make denoising your audio recordings easy, while keeping all of the dynamics.

DSPplug’s new Titan Gate plugin adapts the input signal to maximise dynamic results, more than noise suppression software, which cuts particular frequencies and amplitudes completely. The user interface isn’t aesthetically beautiful, but its simplicity makes edits easy and clean.

Titan Gate has four dials and one oversample button for avoiding aliasing. The high pass filter, measured in Hz, cleans up the low-end frequencies. Other knobs include a threshold dial in dBFS, attack in ms and release in ms.

The plugin is built using the Flowstone platform and based on older code from Bootsie, the developer behind Variety Of Sound. Titan Gate is available on KVR Audio in VST2/VST3 plugin formats, for 64-bit Windows only. The 7.13MB download is free and includes open-source code, which is MIT/ccbya licensed. Find more plugins from DSPplug here.