TesslaSE mkII from Variety Of Sound brings subtle saturation and widening effects from the analog into the digital domain.

Based on the plugin from 2008, the TesslaSE mkII provides “analog goodness in subtle doses”. The 2021 remake sticks to the original by slightly colouring and polishing sounds to create depth and dimension in the stereo field, rather than changing it. Its intended use is to be used here and there where the mix demands it, not as in a single instance on a bus or master.

TesslaSE mkII introduces the warmth and organic feel of analog to your digital music for an overall consistent and vibrant mix. With the mkII, “the internal gainstaging has been reworked so that everything appears gain compensated to the outside”. The transformer/tube circuit modeling got some updates too, to appear more detailed and vibrant. All non-linear algorithms got oversampled for additional aliasing suppression.

Packed into a slick, modernized user interface, the effect is easy to operate and has a low CPU profile, meaning almost zero latency is used. Use the transformer option to obtain a fancy low-end. Further increase the stereo dimension with the DIM knob. The AIR dial controls HF harshness.

TesslaSE mkII is available in VST2 format for 32 and 64-bit Windows computers only. Find the free 12MB ZIP here, complete with an included manual with more information.