Up and coming band ‘No Hot Ashes’ from Manchester have just dropped a toe tapping new single this month with their new track ‘Bellyaches’. The Mancunian Rock Group have startled us again with a hot new track that’s definitely worth a listen!

The RouteNote team are big fans of No Hot Ashes. Ever since coming on the scene around  2015, they have been a band we have been extremely excited about and followed closely. After hearing there was to be a new single, we couldn’t wait to hear it.

‘Bellyaches’ came out yesterday and rocked the music scene with its fascinating new sound. The pure Manchester rock sound mixed with new electronic vibes makes for an exciting ensemble and with a catchy chorus it really does stick in your head.

One of the sounds I really picked out as making the whole sound complete is echo-ey background vocals throughout the chorus. It really supports the raw lead vocals in completing the big sound of the chorus. Along with the synths filling out the background while the vocals, bass and guitar stay punchy and strong.

This new single features cover art by Florence Burns, and with a vibrant funky image of someone sinking into a cocktail glass it really does draw you and make you wonder what music lies beneath it. And indeed it does represent the funked up single quite well. The guys say themselves “Florence is just as important as the music we play in terms of completing that creative process.”

The new single features a range of sounds from the very prominent punchy bass line to the high pitch electronic sounds from the synths and guitar, this is turn makes their new sound, very fresh. In comparison this single is much more electronic and vibrant whereas some previous releases such as ‘Goose’ and ‘Skank’ are much more stripped down and clean.

‘No Hot Ashes’ are a 4 piece band from Manchester who back in 2015 were hitting it hot on their local seen with their funk rock grooves. Since then they have expanded with gigs in Cardiff and Dublin. Their sound is needless to say electrifying and really does draw your ears in to find out more.

No Hot Ashes

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Website – nohotashes.bigcartel.com

Facebook – facebook.com/No.Hot.Ashes.Band

Twitter – twitter.com/nohotashesband

SoundCloud – soundcloud.com/no-hot-ashes-2