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Electronic music duo Coldcut, consisting of Matt Black and Jonathon Moore, created a music making app in collaboration with label Ninja Tune for iOS back in 2013 and now it sees it’s release on Android two years later.

Ninja Jamm is a sample-based, 4-track application controlled by various touch movements such as swiping and tapping. It also features accelerometer compatible functions allowing you to tilt and shake your smartphone to apply various effects.

The app comes fresh with four sample packs – two from Loopmasters, one from Coldcut and one from English rapper Roots Manuva. The sample packs are categorised by genre and the programmed loops are available to use and master under your own copyright, giving the potential to users to actually create their own tracks with the app.

Matt Black said to The Creators Project, on the app:

It’s always been a case of waiting for the technology to catch up but now the technology is a lot more powerful and that’s meant it’s possible to get the music software a lot more on point.
I think people making music is a beautiful thing and as someone who enjoys music and enjoys messing with music but couldn’t play any instruments I used technology to give myself a leg up. I think there’s a lot of people out there like me but they can be put off by the barriers to making electronic music.
Take Ableton; Fantastic program, very powerful and pretty easy to use but it is still pretty complicated too. It’s quite an investment that you need to make before you can get into putting a track together. Personally I want to use something that’s more instant and I think there’s other people out there that want that too.

Ninja Jamm is a welcome release to Android which has seen an underwhelming selection of music creation applications compared to the multitude available for iOS. Black says that this is due to latency issues with Android’s hardware, going on to say that Ninja Jamm’s functions aren’t impacted much by latency but causes issues with lots of other music making/recording apps.

Ninja Jamm is available on the Google Play Store right now, for free.