The latest and greatest tracks from RouteNote’s top artists and labels making their way into our new playlists.

If you need some fresh sounding tracks to ignite the party or zone out to, we’ve got twelve brand new releases below. This week’s pick includes something for everyone, from top artists such as Mark Mendy, Paradigm, Razihel, SP3CTRUM, golden era, Henry Dell, Murdbrain and many more.

These tracks have been hand picked by the RouteNote team to make their way into our top playlists: Hooked for high tempo, motivational dance and party music; Catalyst for the best dance, house and chill house music; and Lo-Fi with hip-hop and chillhop tunes to relax to.

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SP3CTRUM, Henry Dell – Round & Round

Going straight into our high tempo, dance and party playlist Hooked, Round & Round from Italian duo SP3CTRUM and London-based vocalist Henry Dell, is a future house, EDM anthem that’s catchy chorus will be going round and round in your head all day.

Razihel – Corazon Espinado

Also being added to Hooked, Corazon Espinado (Thorned Heart in English) is a Latin dance pop banger from Italian DJ and producer Razihel.

Mark Mendy, Paradigm – Emotions

From its smooth synth hooks, to its pop EDM production, Emotions will light up the commute or party alike, from Italian artist Mark Mendy and duo Paradigm.

Feel S.Y – Endless

The last track to be added to our Hooked playlist this week is the latest melodic house, EDM, feel good track from Korean electro producer Feel S.Y.

Aspecte, NO-VA – Love Again

Love Again from electronic producer Aspecte and French musician NO-VA, fits right in with RouteNote’s dance and house playlist Catalyst.

Roamy – Time

Joining Catalyst is deep house, club, EDM track Time from Mexican house producer Roamy.

Murdbrain, Savrokks – Bad Habit

Bad Habit will have clubs around the world bouncing to the electronic, future house anthem from Murdbrain and American songwriter Savrokks.

obi mani – diamonds

Catalyst also covers the chill house tracks sent through our doors. diamonds from obi mani shines with its chilled production and vocals.

Heads Over Dreams – you mean the world to me

As we take a turn into Lo-Fi, our playlist full of chilled hip-hop beats, you mean the world to me from Heads Over Dreams is perfect for studying or relaxing.

Gehen – Everything Stays

Everything Stays, complete with its lo-fi piano and hip-hop beat, comes from up-and-coming Mexican producer Gehen.

golden era – Lucid Dreams (lofi version)

golden era is no stranger to covering and remixing 90s tracks. Lucid Dreams (lofi version) is no different, coming from Sting’s Shape of My Heart, which has been sampled countless times, including in Juice WRLD’s Lucid Dreams.

simmerdown – smallie biggs

simmerdown, the hip-hop producer based in Cornwall, had this to say about her track smallie biggs from the EP lamp signs:

“I produce handfuls of instrumentals with no title, emotion or feeling in mind; in order to distinguish each one they’re usually named after an artist it reminds me most of. The delayed brass stabs instantly reminded me of Biggie Smalls and thus, smallie biggs was born.”