Whether you’re planning on spending this week chilling, studying, working or partying, we’ve got something for everyone this week.

Every day at RouteNote we listen to thousands of new tracks from artists around the world. Every week RouteNote’s specialists hand pick and put together the best new songs from up-and-coming artists. This week’s selection includes top artists such as Glaceo, Robbe, Emi Flemming, golden era, DENNICK and more.

All twelve tracks are going straight into our Spotify and Deezer playlists: Hooked with high tempo dance music, Catalyst for the best dance and house tracks, Lo-Fi full of chilled hip-hop songs, and Tranquilize perfect for easy listening music.

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Glaceo – Pretty Savage

Added to our Hooked playlist, Italian producer Glaceo today drops his bounce remix of Pretty Savage, originally by K-pop band BLACKPINK.

Robbe, DENNICK, Emi Flemming – Work From Home

Another remix, this time of Work From Home by Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla Sign. The remix comes from Finnish EDM and slap house artist Robbe, and Italian house and bounce producer DENNICK, with vocals from Austrian artist Emi Flemming. The track is the perfect blend of EDM, future and house to ignite the party.

JKAY – You & I

Also getting added to our Hooked playlist, You & I is the new house banger from London-based producer and DJ JKAY.

OKVRU – Losing Control

Crossing over to the first of our three songs being added to Catalyst, EDM hit Losing Control comes from Indian electronic producer OKVRU.

Coolum – No Regrets

Also sliding in to Catalyst, No Regrets is the new huge future bass track from British producer Coolum.

Dyssa – Moment

Our last track getting to Catalyst this week comes from the brand new EP Moment / Illusion. Moment from Belarusian producer Dyssa is a progressive/melodic house tune to get you pumped for the weekend.

oween., alhivi – by the river

Another track from a new EP, this time by the river from the EP of the same name by Italian chill/lo-fi producer alhivi and oween. is a silky smooth track getting added to our Lo-Fi playlist.

adi. – scars/stiches

Fitting right in with our Lo-Fi playlist, scars/stiches comes from electronic chill Indian producer adi.

golden era – Jail (lofi version)

golden era is a producer that’s no stranger to remixing hip-hop songs in a lo-fi style. Jail (lofi version) is a remix of Jail from Kanye West featuring Jay-Z off the new album Donda.

METAHESH – I’m Lonely but Not Inside

Heading over to our newest playlist Tranquilize, the first track this week I’m Lonely but Not Inside comes from Russian electronic producer METAHESH.

Little Dumpling – Home Live Laugh

With a super chilled beat, Home Live Laugh is the second track from Tranquilize, coming from new producer Little Dumpling.

Lullaby, Chillroom, soave lofi – Nenuphar

Our final track on Tranquilize and our final track altogether this week comes from Lullaby and Chillroom on the label Soave lo-fi. Nenuphar is a chillhop beat, perfect for helping you relax or study.